Trauma can be reimagined and performed as a way of validating one’s experience and helping to heal psychological wounds. Completing an abstract act and seeing the memory presented as art results in an even deeper sense of empowerment.

These three videos represent a specific event from my past.  My body is on either side, reacting to the event and being manipulated on my command. If you look closely at the burned fragments of paper swirling in the water, you might be able to piece together some of the story.

When exhibited, the center video plays for 13 minutes, then loops in reverse and starts again from the beginning. The videos on either side are on a continuous loop.

Special thanks to Tim Kouril, Jim Wegman, Matthew Dockery, Gulnara Gulchik, Roberta Marks, The Studios of Key West, Lisa Menard, and Alejandro Jodorowsky

(GIF of above video)