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Under Your Dress, runtime: 25 mins

Compelled by a strange, invisible force, a mysterious young woman performs an elaborate ritual that grows more bizarre as the night wears on. Will she save herself from this fever dream and appease the demons that haunt her family?

Currently in post-production, this is the first short film in a trilogy, and part of a larger multidisciplinary project, absence makes the heart grow _______. The collective work is informed by my ongoing intersectional research in psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, and spirituality.


Writer, Director, Performer: Aleister Eaves

Producers: Aleister Eaves & William Sandell

Original Music: Aleister Eaves & Luke Crawford

Cinematography: Joshua Chiara

Editing: Joshua Chiara

Production Design: Aleister Eaves

Assistant Director: Luke Crawford

Sound Recording: Luke Crawford

Voiceover Recording: Richard Green

First Assistant Camera: Eliana Mullins, Gerardo Vitale

Production Crew: Raymond DeCourcey

Picture Car: Floyd Hatfield 

Filming Locations: Palm Springs & Bombay Beach

Special Thanks: Nina Brackett, Shane Bruce, Ven. Dr. Sandy Jabo Goujis, David Hitt at Full Race Supply, Allan Holzman, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Tim Kouril, Steve Linden, Lisa Menard, Eamonn Price, Stephen Reedy, The Ski Inn, and the People of Bombay Beach