installation view; participating as a "spirit"

in the dark rooms where we his ourselves and the small things that kept us alive is an immersive, site-specific, participatory installation based on memories of my childhood bedroom. Each participant enters the exhibit alone and is encouraged to first disrobe fully in the enclosed chamber at the entrance (the red light outside signifies when the exhibit is occupied). 

Once inside, the participant will hear songs that I wrote and recoded in my bedroom as a teenager. Objects in the room appear in the lyrics. The participant is invited to lie down naked on the bed and listen to the songs as they observe the environment, ultimately experiencing the room as I did for the years I inhabited it. The space recreates the energy of my former surroundings to directly share my physical and mental state at that time.

Participants are invited into a place where few were allowed to set foot, both physically and in the realm of truths. Creating this space outside of its original context serves as a greater analogy of escaping painful circumstances and reimagining them in a positive, safe, and entirely new environment. The objects, too, are new things put into a facsimile of the past to relive and reshape a scene which has fortunately ceased to exist.

The space, materials, and entire experience examines the memories we hold onto and how they effect us for the rest of our lives, even after we have moved on.

There is a journal outside the space if the participant wishes to share their story.